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How to Overcome Decision Making Plight

How to Overcome Decision Making Plight

Some days it’s hard to make up your mind.

It may seem like there are too many facts, too many possibilities, daunting risk, and a drizzle of uncertainty. What if you make the wrong decision?

In this blog post we’ll discuss some methods that would help you resolve the knot in your stomach when it comes to decision-making.


Some leaders are decisive and have an effective process, which they consistently use to help them make decisions in a timely basis. Given the fact that no one wants to fail, it’s not uncommon to hesitate here and there.

However, some experience chronic procrastination for all the reason mentioned above.

Unless procrastination solves the problem, clearly erratic phenomenon, you are still in charge.

So, as the captain of the ship (whether in your business, in your career, or in your personal life), you still need to get into the thick of things, assess, consider and conclude your next set of actions.

We divided decision-making into three simple steps, which you can follow to put your mind at ease.

It’s All About Timing

Initial assessment addresses first and foremost timing.

Are you waiting for specific and crucial details to unfold, so you can make a sound decision?

And I do say specific!

Many times the decision has to be made while some details are lacking, even though additional details unfold as time progresses.

It may be ok to hold off making a decision as you wait for a specific result that is absolutely necessary. But, it is unwise to just wait for incidental stuff.

What if you keep postponing making this decision?

Is there a reason to believe that the issue will be resolved by mere avoidance or might it get worse?

Define a deadline by when you’ll be making a decision.

Are You The Expert?

Next, assess whether your skills and knowledge are sufficient in this matter. The more complex the decision, the higher the chances you need to acquire a broader viewpoint.

Sometimes, you may be better off involving the skills of someone else on your team. In this case, schedule time to sit with them, and do not leave the ball in their court. You may want to learn from:

  • their prior experience 
  • their knowledge about the field, or
  • any tools and methods in their arsenal that help in deciphering facts



However, when it’s clear that you have what it takes, start to review the facts.

Separate facts from stories and opinions. Not that opinions don’t matter, but know that these two are different!

The Inevitable Impact

It is essential that you’ll diagnose the impact of your decision.

It’s important to note that although you may have had certain results from a similar decision in the past, this time, you may not have exactly the same conditions at play. So use your prior experience as a learning tool to the degree that it doesn’t stop you trying something new or different.

  • Outline number of possible outcomes.
  • Consider best case as well as worst case scenario, and a few in between.
  • Consider which variables under your control may reduce the risk or increase the chances of favorable scenarios.



If your decision have impact on a group of people, you may want to consider not only facts, but also emotions. This is a little tricky since you’ll need  to keep your own emotions at bay.

If you need to get others to back up your decision in order for it to be accepted, include that in your action plan.


And after all the above… 

You may still have a nagging thought of  missing the mark with this decision.

One of two elements may be contributing to your hesitation:

  • If this is a complex decision and totally out of your comfort zone, you may want to share your trial and tribulation with a subject matter expert. Present your problem, your reasons behind making your choices, and be open to get their feedback.
  • If this is how you feel almost every occasion you need to make a major decision, it’s time to look at your own perception of failure. You’ll benefit from reclaiming your own confidence by working with a professional coach.

To your success,


Call us at  (732)385-1522 to schedule a strategy session and to explore whether we are a good fit to help you become an effective decision maker.

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